French Pharmacy Must Haves # The Effaclar Range by La Roche Posay

Hi guys !! Welcome back on my blog ! 

So today’s post is about not only one great product from the French pharmacy, but several picks from an entire range : the Effaclar range from La Roche Posay !!

Here’s the video I dedicated to it :


This range contains the La Roche-Posay Thermal Spring Water (which is what makes it so efficient and unique) and is dedicated to acne sensitive acne prone skins and really targets a general improvement of the complexion, in no time. 

Sounds great to me, right ?

So concretely, I start my day with the Effaclar Purifying Foaming gel, which is a facial wash for combination, oily, and blemish-prone skin and is as well suitable for sensitive skin, perfect !

Now, I do not have an oily but a combination skin and I find that this cleansing gel gently cleanses my skin thanks to its high tolerance foaming power. It definitely helps to eliminate impurities and excess sebum that I suffer from, especially on my T zone, leaving my skin feeling clean and fresh but not uncomfortable, it doesn’t over dry it.

Also, this baby , which contains no parabens and is soap-free can also be used as a body wash, to get rid of any blemish that sometime come to bother our chest or back areas …


Then, after I used my toner, I apply my Effaclar Duo + (newly re-formulated) which is basically an anti-blemish cream, specifically formulated to target the key signs of oily, blemish-prone skin.

What this very light - easy to apply - quickly soaked into my skin - cream does is to correct the appearance of blemishes, unclog my too visible pores and refine skin texture. 

Of course, being a La Roche Posay product, this non-comedogenic gem contains no parabens either !

I apply Duo + underneath my serum and moisturizer and they all do get along perfectly, this is genius.

Furthermore, not only these results appear pretty quickly (I would say that I notice a huge improvement in less than a week, I know, it’s crazy) but my Duo + also helps with controlling the appearance of shine, that is for my terribly shiny forehead …


You guys, I have to say I am fully happy with this Effaclar line because it is giving me exactly what I was seeking for reaching for it, but, my skin being my skin, a pimple still pops up on my skin from time to time (yep, specifically THAT DAY where I have an event I want to be perfect for …) and this is when my Effaclar A.I. intervenes and save my life !!

This genius of a technology Effaclar A.I. is made for targetting individual blemishes, helping to reduce their appearance and preventting residual marks. 

I’m all for it !!

I use it as soon as I feel something happening on my skin and I have to say it is a pretty good replacement for my Mario Badescu drying lotion and Burt’s Bees Acne Solution, which I still absolutely love and will use forever.

So, here I come, with a visibly cleared complexion, happier than ever, and I certainly dont want to lose all the benefits and go back to square one right ? This is when my Effaclar K comes : this last pick from the Effaclar range is a daily renovating anti-relapse Acne Treatment !!

I told you, absolute must haves …

Effaclar K clears blackheads and smoothes skin texture, I believe that used together with the rest of the range it contributes to reduce my pores size and to improve my skin texture but most importantly, this specific care claims a 2 weeks anti-relapse efficacy, which, again, I’m all for it !!

So this is it for this post guys, I really hope you’ll try at least one of these amazing product from the La Roche Posay Effaclar range, which is absolutely, absolutely phenomenal, I am telling you !!

As always, if you do have any question, any comment or any suggestion on what you would learn about, please do not hesitate to leave them to me, I’ll be very happy to help you guys !!

Take care and à bientôt !!

2 commentaires :

  1. Bonjour Sab, je profite de ton article pour te parler d'une crème anti-age que j'ai acheté en parapharmacie et qui sincèrement est topissime "parole de trentenaire en quête du saint graal depuis des siècles!!!" il s'agit de la crème de nuit FADIAMONE; cette crème est présenté comme pour peau sèche or elle est top sur ma peau mixte.Jette y un coup d'oeil à l'occasion.P.S : le prix est la compo sont top! biz;-)

    1. Bonjour !
      Merci pour l'info , je vais m'empresser d'aller voir ce bijou de plus près !!



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