French Treasures Must Haves # Kerastase’s Couture Range

Hi gorgeous !! Today I’m posting a new kind of article since it is not dedicated to the French pharmacy gems that I usually share with you, but it is about some other French great products , all from the the Kerastase’s Couture Range.

You most certainly know the (very) high standard quality of the French brand, and the products I am about to introduce to you do not tarnish its reputation at all, simply because they are AMAZING !!

Here is the video I have dedicated to mu favorites picks if the Couture range :


Let us start with the « Powder Bluff Aerosol Hair Powder » (in the center of the pic) is a wonder you're gonna shake well before spraying it 10-15 cm to your dry hair roots, to then rub well on your scalp .

And the magic happens: it perfectly absorbs the excess sebum that ruined my blow dry, it leaves no residue, no white cast whatsoever and provides my roots with a very much appreciated volume. The bonus that kills it, it smells so good it can make you fall to the ground (no kidding).

A very few sprays are enough to freshen up the hair. I love it so much that I also use it on newly-washed hair to give it more body.

I was so pleasingly amazed that I wanted to try other products in the range and, being always in desperate search of volume for my (sooooo) fine hair, I set my heart on the « V.I.P. Volume in Powder » on the right on the photo.

And let me tell you, it is all in the well deserved name, of this gem :I spray some of this baby at my roots and / or my lengths (sometimes even on fresh clean hair) and the product brings me the "bouffant" (very Louis XIV, right?) I was used to only dream of (or get only with an insane backcombing action) as well as some volume.

No residue, at all, AND the product holds and protects my unruly hair against humidity. Regarding the smell, same as for the Powder Bluff, amazing !!

This baby adds volume without any extra stickiness to deplore, IF used sparingly !! This Volume In Powder is great for my fine hair that looks fuller and cleaner, without any powdery residue.

So, seduced and convinced , I wanted to test their hairspray, that I use to fix my curls after curling ironing my lengths. I was not worried about the potential efficiency of the « Laque Couture » since my favorite one of all time, until then, was the Elnett, from L’Oréal, and since Kerastase belongs to L’oréal, chances are high that they are made in the same factories … right ?

The Laque Couture (left on the photo) dethrones hands in the pockets my Elnett to which I nevertheless remained faithful for centuries. This new one is invisible, holds everything well without cardboard effect, protects against moisture and is eliminated with the first brushing. Great.

Truly, this Laque provides a firm but flexible hold, even in the humidity, which to me is the ultimate test when some hair spray is considered.

Also, as an added quality, the spray does not weigh my hair down and down NOT leave it sticky, I can easily put a brush through and brush it out !

The amazing formula leaves not sticky residue at all and makes my hair feel really silky, it is good for all hair type but great for fine hair, like mine.

Not a surprise coming from Kerastase, but this Couture range definitely worth a try you guys, since it is VERY, very good !! 

That’s it for this post guys, I hope it is of any help for you, stay around for new posts on the French pharmacy and French gems generally speaking must haves items. 

See you guys soon for the next discovery, in the meantime, please do not hesitate to leave me any request or question you may have about French products or else in the comments. 


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