French Pharmacy Must Haves # Bioderma’s Hydrabio Eau de Soin SPF 30

Hi guys !! Today I’m posting a new article in my series of posts dedicated to the very best products of the French pharmacy, the ultimate must haves that every woman needs.

So today’s post is about Bioderma’s last baby, a brand new product that they released very recently and which is simply AMAZING : the Hydrabio Eau de Soin SPF 30.

What is this you would ask ? Well, literally, it is a moisturizing water mist, that offers a sunscreen protection as well.

This product is kind of a piece of a miracle, for two reasons : first of all, you probably already know about Evian, Avène, La Roche Posay and other water mists but this one is different because it MOISTURIZES the skin.

Yes, the magic happening in this little bottle makes it a water that is not only refreshing the face and will just evaporates but it hydrates the skin. Genius, I know.

But this is certainly not it, this product really represents a revolution in the French pharmacy industry in general because it has no equivalent : this is a sunscreen that is to be applied on the face OVER THE MAKEUP !!!

I know, it’s insane ! Well not really for you fellow beautystas overseas, since you luckily already have this COOLA amazing product :

Well, the Hydrabio Eau de Soin SPF 30 is the french version of it, made by the great Bioderma Laboratories, that you know and love for their fantastic H2O Crealine micellar water (please see my post about it), among other of their gems !!

This product has changed my life, with no exaggeration, I mean of course I still wear my sunscreen underneath my makeup, each and every day, but now, when the sun is hitting my face during the day, I can reapply some spf protection, over my makeup, without having to involve my fingers, and therefore without ruining my fabulous contour and blush !!!


As a plus, the tiny 50 ml bottle perfectly fits in any of my handbags, I couldn’t have asked better !!

That’s it for this post guys, I hope it is of any help for you and gave you the curiosity to get your hands on this new French pharmacy treasure !

Stay around for new posts on the French pharmacy must haves. 

In the meantime, please do not hesitate to leave me any request or question you may have about French products or else in the comments.

See You !

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